Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Hot pot (aka Shabu Shabu) type of night.

December 3, 2014.

I was feeling a bit ill, and was craving something hot to soothe my sore throat. Luckily, David found a hot pot restaurant! So after he finished work, we headed over there! 

Dinner with this one. 

Tasty Tea.

Our stove top.

Hot pot kettle.

         ~~~Some of the dishes.~~~
Beef slices. 


Imitation Crab meat.

Enoki mushrooms. 

David's POV.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Benefits of Honey.

I recently started breakout out on my chin, and in my t-zone. I couldn't exactly find out what was causing these breakouts until I started really paying attention to my skincare routine. In my most recent post, I said I started using the Cerave Foaming Cleanser. 
For the first time in a long time, I used a drugstore cleanser and absolutely fell in love with it!
Only recently it seems that my skin has been reacting badly to it, which makes me really sad because I loved it so much ); Anyways, as soon as my skin reacts badly to a skincare product. I stop using all man-made things, and go back to home remedies until I can find the cause of what was harming my skin!

One amazing product that I wanted to talk about in this post is: HONEY! ^_____^

Everyone knows what this is, either it being from using it has a sweetener in your beverage or simply adding it to a meal!

Many people love the taste of Honey, but not everyone knows/uses it as a topical treatment!

Today, I am going to share my experience, different ways you can use honey and the benefits of it! :)

If you are interested please feel free to continue reading!

First, and foremost I don't wear any foundation. So I can't vouch that it takes off makeup well on its own. But usually I wear concealer and some eye makeup. So what I use to take that off is coconut oil, and after I just slather some honey on and my skin feels very fresh/clean! I've never had any bad breakouts from this routine. If anything, it would take away any existing acne.

Now why is honey so great?
Honey contains makes mild alpha hydroxy acids. 
These acids: 
  • Can loosen dead skin cells, making it easier to shed
  • Increase elasticity
  • Balance out oily skin but still give moisture to dry skin
  • Stimulate collagen production
  • Minimize lines and wrinkles, making you look younger.
Honey contains (Before Pasteurization):
  • Bee pollen
  • Propolis
^ Those ingredients help with the growth of new skin cells!

You can use Oatmeal and Honey as a face mask for moisturizing. It's had great benefits for my skin <3

I truly recommend honey as something you should consider using as a face wash.
The best benefit from it, is it doesn't have a long list of chemicals inside of it.
Chemicals that could age your skin faster. :c

So give honey a try! If you don't like it, atleast you can jus use it as a sweetner for your beverage!
Plus it's fairly cheap! :)

Remember: Try to buy a organic/raw brand of honey! ^____^

Stay lovely xx

Monday, August 19, 2013

♡♡Tiffany Blue Nails♡♡

(Excuse my poorly painted nails, I'm not very good at it lol.)
I've been itching to find a perfect 'Tiffany & Co' blue color to paint my nails with.
This was the closest cheapest nail polish I could find that I was fairly content with!
It doesn't look like exactly the color I was going for but only for 74. cents (on sale ofc),
I find this very worthy!

Below are links to the name of the nail polishes I used and my overall review on everything! c:

NYC Long Wearing Nail Enamel; Skyline-Blue :
Rating: 4/5
Price: 99 cents
The color of the nail polish can go sheer to a more fuller color as you add more coats. That is why I only gave it a 4 out of 5. It's a lovely sky blue. Fairly pigmented, dries very quickly (under 5 mins). It's perfect for the summer season when bright colors are mostly in! ^____^ I'd highly recommend checking out this nail polish and other nail polishes from this brand! <3

Jordana Calcium Boost Base :
Rating: 4/5
Price: 1.99
This nail polish is a base for your nails. A base is like primer, not everyone uses one but using a primer does help with color and texture. I've never used a base before, so I thought I'd use one this time around since I was already out looking for a nail polish! In the picture it does look blue, but don't worry once you open the bottle up, and start putting it on your nails you'll see it goes on clear!
This specific base is suppose to care for dry, brittle nails so I will let you guys know if it actually does what it's suppose to.

NYC Extra Shiny Top Coat :
Rating: 3/5
Price: 99 cents
The application goes on too thick for my liking but it does dry up quickly so I have to put on 3-5 coats to get that extra shine to my nail polish, and to make sure my nail polish doesn't chip.

L.A.Girls Diamond Top Coat :
Rating 5/5
Price: Unsure, I already owned this
This was a very nice top coat. It went on so smoothly, and I only had to use 2 coats to have my nails looking 'shiny'. I used this on a different nail, just to compare this top coat with NYC and this one went on so much smoother. I love this top coat. Highly recommended! :)

Thank you so much for reading. I hope you guys have a wonderful day (or night).
<3 <3 <3 <3

Stay lovely x

Monday, July 22, 2013

UPDATED: Review on Skincare Products I Use [Morning&Night] ☺☺☺

I'm back!! YAY :D So I'll be posting more <3

Here are ALL the products I currently use for skincare and have been using for the past 3 months.
This is a review on the products that I use, and just a disclaimer I am not a dermatologist so obviously always speak to a professional whenever you want to try out new products. They can usually help you with the ingredients and recommend items that you should try suited for you. Also my skin type is Oily/Acne prone. Now, lets get into it c:
Cerave Foaming Facial Cleanser (Normal to Oily): I just recently added this into my skincare routine, and I love it (so far). Yet like any other products out there, there is always mixed reviews. I am not a fan of drugstore cleansers anymore due to the fact the just really screw up my skin by over drying it and causing acne. I was just really interested in this product because supposedly it's suppose to protect and repair the skins natural barrier. Not sure if it's actually doing it's job but so far I don't have any complaints with this product. It's doesn't lather up as easily as some other foaming cleansers might though but that's not a problem for me. It is translucent before I 'foam' it up, and I just need one pump to clean my entire face! I would recommend this product. Also it doesn't really have a scent to it, and the price of it runs from 13.99-11.99 ! **Look for coupons for them, so you can get it a dollar or two off :3

St. Ives Green Tea Scrub: 
  • Hypo-allergenic, non-comedogenic (won't clog pores)
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Parabens free, phthalates free, and oil-free

    This product has salicylic acid formulated inside, so it can be over drying/ irritate your skin if you constantly use it. So I only use this once or twice a week. Although the product it smells so great it makes me want to use it everyday XD. It feels so soft unlike the apricot scrub which feels rough on my skin. This is the travel size because I wanted to try it out before I actually bought the full size but since I barely use it, I think i'm just going to continue buying the travel size. ^______^ The price was 1.15$ Super cheap. Effective. Smells wonderful. Only problem like I said, is it can be irritating if used too often.. I recommend this product!

    Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser:
    ~Paraben free~
  • ~Fragrances from 100% natural clinical grade essential oils~
    ~100% Natural, 83% Organic~

    This product is so gentle. It is meant to be used daily and for ALL SKIN TYPES. It gives off a lovely citrus scent, the smell doesn't linger on your face after you wash it off so don't worry about that. I've used this product for almost 3 months and still have plenty of it left. The reason it lasted me for so long is because i don't use it everyday. It has never irritated my skin, nor caused any new breakouts. It did help lightening my skin because it is an exfoliator. I don't have anything bad to say about this product except the packaging and the price for it. It's packaged in a tin-ish container with a screw cap. I don't like those type of packaging because you can't really squeeze the bottle without causing damage.. if you get what i mean :c & the price for this is 75$
    o___O Never have i ever spent that much on a cleanser or any type of face product.. But i got persuaded 3: And when i first tried it, i liked it.. plus my esthetician told me it was a natural/organic product so i agreed to purchase it. Honestly though, i don't think i will be re-purchasing it.
    You can get samples of this product! So i would seriously recommend on doing that before actually buying the full size! *_____* Need a link? Just ask~ WOW this was a long review for one product.. Sorry for the rambling but i just had so much to say for this.

    That is all for my cleansers. After I cleanse, I will use a toner.

    Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel Toner:
    Included with Rose-petal Water, Witch Hazel extract, Vitamin E, and Aloe Vera.

    Very Gentle, and soft to my skin. Doesn't leave a residue. Doesn't cause new breakouts. The price for this HUGE bottle was 10.00$, so it was reasonable priced. Highly recommend this toner! <3
    You can purchase this at a natural/organic store, or GNC or online (Ebay, Amazon etc.)

    In the morning, I will put on my AM moisturizer/sunscreen. I HAVE to protect my skin especially since I live in Hawaii when it's sunny all year long :c

    Kimberly Sayer Ultra Light Facial Moisturizer SPF 30: (for Oily & Acne Prone Skin)
    +Certified Organic
    +SPF 30
    +Oily/Acne Prone Skin

    Very lightweight, best NOT to use if you are going to be out in the sun for a long period of time. It has never clogged my pores but does leave a shiny look.
    It can be used under makeup, and I find it goes very well with a lose powder to set it. The scent of this doesn't smell like your usual drugstore sunscreen it has a nice lemony scent to it. *_*

    Eucerin Daily Protection SPF 30:
    -Best Drugstore Sunscreen that suited my skin type
    -Does leave a white shadowy cast if you put too much on your face
    -Does NOT clog my pores/ or produce acne
    -Smells like your usual sunscreen
    -SPF 30
    I do recommend this product for oily to normal skin. It's not moisturizing at all, so if you have dry skin this would not be suited for you. I don't use this sunscreen on my face anymore, just on my neck. Reason for that is because I use my Kimberly Sayers Facial Moisturizer instead. :)

    After moisturizing, if I have any acne on my skin I will help treat it with one of my zit zappers to make it go away quicker!!

    Adapalene 0.1 % and Benzoyl Peroxide 2.5%
    It's suppose to treat acne now and stop future ones from happening.
    I was introduced to this through my dermatologist.
    You can only get prescribed this through a doctor.
    You will not find this over the counter. It's in a gel form consistency, and you are only suppose to put a pea size amount on your entire face. So far, I haven't been consistent on using this every night (which is recommend) because I don't like putting benzoyl peroxide on my entire face. It's always too harsh for my skin. I have put it on a zit, and in the morning it was gone. It's effective, it works for mild acne. I am not sure about cystic acne. Don't ever put more than a pea size because it will burn your face. It's crazy expensive if you don't have insurance. 80$ without, 25$ with. Talk to your dermatologist about trying this if you are interested :)

    Neutrogena Rapid Clear 2 in 1 Fight And Fade:
    -Salicylic Acid 2%
    -Gel form, translucent
    -Effective on Blackheads/mild acne NOT CYSTIC ACNE
    -Does not burn or dry skin.
    -Usually takes away the acne within a 2-3 days
    It's suppose to also help with fading the acne scar or stop it from happening. I have fair skin so whenever I breakout, it usually leaves some degree of a hyperpigmentation of where the acne was, and since I use this the dark spots has faded with noticeable results. You can purchase this over the counter at many drugstores or online. It's reasonable priced. 10.00 or less.

    Clean & Clear Persa-Gel 10 Acne Medication:
    Benzoyl peroxide (10%)
    This is the highest concentration of BP you can get over the counter. I found that this works instantly, or in a few hours my zit will be gone. It's very strong so if you have sensitive skin DO NOT USE. This comes in a creamy white texture but oxidizes after it's applied to your skin within 10 minutes or so. It does leave a slight tingly feeling when first applied but nothing that isn't unbearable. I find it very effective for any types of acne. This works wonders and I would recommend this! The price for this product is about 8.99.

    At the end of the day, I will always take off my makeup.
    This is what I use to take off my eye makeup/face makeup. :D

    Camomile Gentle Eye Makeup Remover The Body Shop:
    -Fragrance & color free
    -Suitable for sensitive skin
    -Removes regular and waterproof eye makeup remover

    I just pour some on a cotton round and rub off the makeup gently! It really does take off all my eye makeup, so definitely happy about that! ^-^ It does sting my eyes a little but nothing to unbearable. I would recommend this eye makeup remover to anyone that is look for a new one :D

    Lastly, I use coconut oil to take off any concealer that my face wash didn't remove, or I use castor oil!
    If you wanted a more in-detail post about Coconut Oil and Castor Oil, i'd be glad to post one up! ^-^

    That is all for this post! I'm so sorry that this is so long, but thank you for taking the time in reading this.
    If you have any other questions? Feel free to leave them in the comment box or shoot me a email.

    Thank you so much <3 <3 <3

    Stay lovely x Stay beautiful x Stay you

    Monday, April 22, 2013

    What I accomplished today (04/21/13)

    I haven't done any product reviews for quite sometime but i have purchased many products and with that said i will be doing reviews on everything very shortly! ^-^
    For this lazy Sunday, I didn't do much but work out! :-)

    I walked 2.59 miles in 45 minutes LOL. Very sad, i didn't feel like running/jogging so i just walked around my neighborhood to kill time x) Not much of a workout but at least i got off my lazybutt xD

    After i got home, i just washed up my face. Usually on Sundays, i like to exfoliate and use a mask!

    White Jewel Peeling Gel- The Face Shop.
    This is my first time purchasing a peeling gel. A peeling gels purpose is to gently remove dead skin from your face. I squeeze out a few dots and dab it around my face, after you just get rub the product on your skin and you will start to see small particles of the product shedding it will look similar to eraser shavings. I am not very sure how efficient this product is, i've only had about 5 uses from it so far. But i really do like how smooth my skin feels after using it, and my completion does look brighter. I will be doing a FULL review after i finish this product entirely. ^-^

    After i use my peeling gel, i like to steam my face for at least 5-10 minutes to really open up my pores!
    I want my face to fully take in the mask!

    Before i put on my mask, i do put honey under the mask.

    I always use organic honey because it won't have any added ingredients + no preservatives. Organic raw honey is always best to use if you are planning to put it on your face. 
    I dab it around the areas i tend to breakout most often and let it soak in my face. Right after i put my mask on top of the honey. No irritations should happen to your skin, because honey has antibacterial properties and it's 100% natural. 

    I don't usually purchase drugstore products but i just really loved the smell of it even though this product has a few ingredients in it i don't like. (Also i will be doing a full review on all of my masks in a different post.) I recommend this if you are on a budget. It does make my skin feel cleaner. It doesn't irritate my skin, break me out.. I really prefer clay masks over any type of mask only because a clay masks purposes is to suck out the impurities from your skin. Not every clay mask will be as effective but this one does a pretty good job for 3.99$. Also what i look for in any type of face products is for the long term effect not just for the time being. So i really love when products have antioxidants, vitamins, and collagen inside of it. That is what i mainly look for in purchasing lotions, cleansers, masks.. etc.

    Lastly, i just wanted to add in a photo of myself with the mask Hehe :-)
    Btw, not sure if you can tell but i put the mask on my neck as well. If you didn't know already, under your eyes, and neck is the thinest layers of skin you have. So when you first start getting wrinkles that is where it will show up first! So always try to nouture those two spectific sections of your body 2x more than your other parts of skin! Yet of course, always take care of your entire skin! (face, arms, hands,etc you get the point :p)

    Any questions about the apps i used to edit my photos, or any other type of questions? Leave them down below in the comment section! Have a good night, and happy reading! <3

    Saturday, March 23, 2013

    Mini Haul (The Face Shop) and Hair color change! :D

    I went to The Face Shop (Sells Korean beauty products) a few days ago. From this photo, I've only tried out the White Jewel Peeling Gel, and Herb Day Cleansing Foam. I absolutely love these products! I've only used it once, but usually sometimes my skin gets irritable right away from new products because of all the harsh chemicals inside of them :c I am going to do a more detailed description on ALL of these at once on a post in a week or so. Just to give my skin an idea of how it reacts to these products. For this post I just wanted to share on what I bought recently! :-)

    I also colored my hair back to black w. trying to do pastel purple but this was the lightest I could go for now without damaging my hair too much. :c
    Need the color dye? Ask away~

    Have a good day :)

    Friday, March 22, 2013

    Review on Oatifix & Rub Rub Rub. {Lush Products}

    Let me just start by saying my skin type. I have a oily complexion, and acne prone skin.**

    Price: $7.28
    Rating: 3/5
    This was my first Lush Face Mask I've ever used. I personally always love any product with oatmeal because it does wonders on peoples skin. BUT as for this face mask, I did NOT do me any good! It said it nourishes irritated skin, it doesn't do that at all. In fact, it made my face a little red, and when I washed it off, it made my face feel oily/greasy. I really wanted to love this product because I've read soooo many excellent reviews on this ); This is just my experience. I also don't feel that it does anything for you in the far future. (ex. reduce the sign of aging, fine lines, acne scars.) The reason I rated it at least a 3, is because the price isn't so bad, it's a fresh mask, not preserved (it expires within 2 weeks), and the smell is good! *--* Just the results aren't as amazing as I hoped!

    Let me know about your experience with any Face Masks from Lush or any other brand that you'd recommend. :-)
    Thick, gooey texture.



    Price: Around 24.00
    Rating: 4/5
    The smell of this is so refreshing! It's as if you have an ocean inside this little container! ^-^ The quality is pretty good, I feel that this is a little to harsh for my skin though so I usually have to only use this one or twice a week. I used this everyday (morning/night shower), for a week straight once & my chest got really red, and my skin was becoming really flaky. So I had to stop and just used a soothing body wash. Overall the quality of this product is extremely good. I'd recommend others to purchase this item! I didn't rate it a 5/5 because the price is expensive and this doesn't last you for that long. I'd say maybe 2 weeks if you can stretch it. Normally for me when I use other body washes, they last for (give or take) about a month.

    **Don't forget! Don't ever throw away these containers! If you collect 5 of these (black containers), return it to your local Lush store they will give you a fresh face mask for FREE! &Who doesn't love free stuff!!? >;D

    Any other questions regarding these products or your experience with anything from Lush? Just leave your lovely comments below! Thank you for reading  ~ Have a good one :3

    Wednesday, March 20, 2013

    What is inside my purse?! ^_____^

    I wanted to do a post about what I carry around with me on a daily basis. I do carry around my phone (but that's what I used to take this photo so it couldn't be included :x). 
    • Hairbrush; I've been using this hairbrush for almost 2 years o___o It's sturdy and I've never had any problems with it breaking. It was pretty cheap, nothing really special about it. I purchased this at a local drugstore. I absolutely always need to carry a hairbrush with me everywhere I go! Darn you, easily tangled hair >___<;
    • Under-Eye-Cream; I have been using this for almost a year. I would put a few dots on my index finger and rub it gently under my eyes. It's made to diminish under eye circles, and give it hydration so that the blood under your eyes can flow. I would rate this product a 3/5. I didn't see drastic changes but the container lasted me for a very long time + it was a reasonable price.
    • Noir Tease Body Mist; The body mist in this photo was given to me as a gift, and it's in a travel size. So the real product comes in a bigger container. I do like the smell of this, but I usually use Pure Seduction instead. So after this body mist runs out, I'm going to go back to my normal one!
    • Seaweed Pore Perfector; I use this occasionally on my nose and around my nose when I feel that my pores may have enlarged from all the oil on my face. I have really oily skin, and this does balance out my pH levels so that I'm not too oily. Only use this after you have washed your face, if you have oily skin and you put this on your face, it might not even soak in at all and would just make your face seem even oilier. D:<
    • Envelope Wallet Case; I love this wallet so much *--* I've received this as a Christmas gift from my Mother. She saw my Ebay Wishlist and bought it for me :D. The best thing about this wallet is that it can fit my phone inside. I had a Samsung s3 before, and now I have a iPhone 5. The wallet can fit either of those phones. It comes in different colors to, but I got the baby blue color! I LOVE PASTEL COLORS Hehe. ((: Just click the link I provided and it'll take you where you can buy it.
    • Enzymion Sample Moisturizer; I went to my local Lush store, and asked for a sample of the Enzymion Moisturizer. It is meant for oily/ combination prone skin. The sample they gave me was enough for 2-3 uses. I actually don't recommend this product. I know that a lot of people give great reviews for Lush but I don't like this moisturizer at all. For one the smell is awful, the real size product is way over priced, and it doesn't help people with oily skin. This moisturizer actually just makes your skin look even more shiner. I really don't like it, but that is just my opinion.
    • Maybelline Eye Studio; I don't usually wear makeup but when I do I only put on eyeliner. This eyeliner was recommended to me through a friend, and I've been using this same product for over two years. I prefer gel eyeliners over liquid or pencil eyeliner because they go on smoother. The only problem with eyeliners for me is that I have oily eyelids, so I always have to put on primer under it so it doesn't smear. I would rate this 5/5, mainly because this small tube will last me for at least 6 months, and this eyeliner has high quality. ^---^Y
    • Heart Shaped Mirror; I bought this at Forever21 for 99. cents. Extremely cute, and compatible. I always carry it inside my makeup/lotion bag.
    • EOS Lip Balm; EOS is my favorite lip balm. It's so cute, and inside this little egg shaped lip balm is a lot of product. It can last you for a really long time. I use it almost everyday, and I've had this for over 6 months. I love it so much. The flavor I use is called Honeydew <3 Purchase one! :D
    • Aqua Blossom; Hand sanitizer from Bath & Body Works. I love the scent of this one, it smells like the ocean in a small bottle! ~^-^~ Extremely cheap. 1.75$ or 5 for $5.00! They have so many different scents, but this one is my absolute favorite! I'm not sure if you can tell from the photo but I'm running out of it! :,(
    • Portable Charger ; My phone use to die so often even when I wasn't using it, but as soon as I had one of these portable chargers on the go, my phone never fully died. It can charger, Apple phones (except the iPhone 5), Motorola, Samsung, etc.. It can hold 12 hours of battery energy. Just plug it into your phone and it'll fully charge it for you! ^-^ Never again will you have to have a dead phone. :3
    • Floss; Just you basic floss from your local drugstore. It was on sale at the time for 1.99. I always carry around floss with me. You never know what could get stuck in your teeth >:P
    • Shiseido Blotting Paper; The price for these blotting papers were actually very expensive and way over priced. Just for paper o-o. But you are paying for the name brand. The sheets do work, because I do have oily skin and I use these blotting sheets when I need to. But you can buy blotting paper at other stores for 2-5$. They all honestly work the same!
    • Cute Bear pouch; I purchased this at a small boutique in Waikiki! It reminded me of the 90s, and I love vintage, pastel cute items. So I just had to buy this when I first saw it. I hold my earphones inside of it, and my phone charger so it doesn't get tangled up inside of my bag. :)
    • Glucomannan Fiber Capsules; I just bought this 3 days ago. The directions are simple, swallow 3 pills before meals, and drink a full glass of water with it. I was looking for something that will cleanse out my body from all these toxins. >-< I'll be doing a full review on these after I finish the entire bottle <3
    • Volcano Ecig ; Ecig stands for Electronic Cigarette. The difference between an electronic and a real cigarette is that the electronic one has only liquid nicotine inside (no tobacco), thus only making vapor (no harmful chemicals can be contributed if someone inhaled it 2nd hand). Mainly the creation of this device was for people who wanted to quit smoking, but switched to this device instead in order to achieve their goal. It is suppose to have the same effect as a cigarette, just without that harmful chemical tobacco. I am not trying to courage anyone into buying this product, I was just simply stating what the device was. I don't smoke actual cigarettes, so I wouldn't be able to say that this helped me quit. But this is becoming a real popular item for people who like to 'vape'. Next to this device are the flavors I use. Any questions on this or what flavors are best mixed etc etc? Just ask away! ^^
    • iPhone 5 charger; I always have to carry this charger around because a lot of my friends still have iPhone 4 or a Samsung etc.. And won't have this charger with them. My phone doesn't die quickly or anything, but I might spend the night over at a friends.
    • Tweezers, and eyelash curler; I bought both of these at Walmart. Nothing too much to say about these items except that I use these pretty often, and I've had them for over a year as well. Drugstore items can last you just as long as the high-end store items can! You just must do your research before ever making a purchase :)

      Thank you so much for taking the time in reading this post! c: I am happy to share any other information you would like to know! ^---^ So don't hesitate on asking me.
      Leave any comments you have down below.
      Have a good one. <3

    Friday, March 1, 2013

    Daily Facial Routine. [The body shop-Seaweed line]

    I have combination skin. Oily/dry. So finding the right product for me was pretty tricky until I came across The Body Shops Seaweed line. This skin care line is made especially for combination skin. So when I found that out, I was really excited on trying this on my face. :3 (BTW, I've been using the Seaweed Skin Care line for over a year.) Now let me show you in detail which products of the skin care line I use, and how it has affected my skin! 
    Seaweed Purifying Facial Cleanser
    Price: $14.50
    Rating: 4.6/5 (The Body Shop rating)
    I use this every morning/night. It's creamy-milky soft texture is made to take off impurities that buildup on your face at night, and makeup at the end of the day when you're ready to hit the sheets! (I can't say if it actually takes off makeup really well because I don't use any:x) But it does make my skin feel so much smoother with a shine-free matte finish! :) + a bottle lasts me a month & 1/2. :D


    Seaweed Pore-Cleansing Facial Cleanser
    Price: $15.00
    Rating: 4.7/5 (The Body Shop rating)

    Never use this product more than once or twice a week! This is an exfoliator which has small micro beads that efficiently takes off your dead skin cells when you feel that your face feelings 'dirty'. Yet as like all exfoliators they are not meant for a daily use because it can dry out the skin from it's natural oils. I love this exfoliator because it really does take off the dead skin on my face that builds up! I live in tropical weather, so it's always hot/humid here which can clog up my pores. This exfoliator wakens up my face, and clears my pores from all the impurities in the air! This bottle lasts me about almost 2 months because I don't use it as often as the facial cleanser.
    Price: $12.50
    Rating: 4.8/5 (The Body Shop rating)
    Best toner I've ever used! I love using this after using my facial cleanser, or after using my exfoliator. If you didn't know the main point of a toner is to take off all that extra impurities that are still left on your face that the cleanser didn't catch for example, makeup or even maybe some cleanser could still be on your face and you wouldn't even notice it unless you used a toner and got it! The proper way to use this would be to dab a few drops on a cotton ball/Q-tip and dab it all over your face. The good thing also about a toner is that you don't need to wash it off after. It's perfectly normal to just leave it on. (it won't clog any pores either) ^___^
    Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream
    Price: $16.50
    Rating: 4.7/5 (The Body Shop Rating)
    I love this moisturizer! It's so calming, and it's soft creamy texture it goes right onto my face without clogging any pores. I never breakout when I use this cream. I absolutely love it, and this small bottle can last for a long time. I'd say at least a month or a little over. It's targets oily&dry skin at once! So you don't have to worry about a shiny face or anything of that sort! Great moisturizer! <3 <3 <3

    Seaweed Clarifying Night Treatment
    Price: $20.00
    Rating: 4.8/5
    I use this every night after my cleanser. There isn't much to say about this product except that it does protect my face from breakouts during the night. I wake up with fresh clean skin :) This products really helps with my dryness. For some odd reason, my face sometimes gets a little dry during the night, but after using this product it fixes it up right away. I love it.
    Seaweed Pore Perfector
    Price: $20.00
    Rating: 4.5/5
    This product is designed to unblock pores and control excess oil shine. It does do what it says and that is what I really love about this product! I apply this product around my T-Zone area because that is where I have the most oil on my skin. It makes my pores seem smaller, and also it can diminish acne if you breakout for what-ever-reason it may be. s:

    The prices of these products do seem pricey but the good thing with The Body Shop is that they always have sales. Sign up for updates with just entering your Email Address onto there website to know about their deals! :)  If you are thinking of always making purchases with them, sign up for a Rewards Card. You can get 10% on all purchases (even sale item), $10 reward money to spend on your birthday, and even more ^____^

    Any questions//concerns? Feel free to ask <3

    Love always, BeautyJunkie~~


    Saturday, February 16, 2013

    ~Treat acne scars with home remedies.~

    Acne scars occur when spots become inflamed/picked at/ or don't heal properly. We can't all afford to purchase scaring crèmes at our local drugstores so here are some things that you can use in the comfort of your own home to get rid of acne and acne scars! ^____^
    **IMPORTANT NOTICE: Remember to always consult with your doctor/dermatologist before trying any of these home remedies. You may be allergic or could possible make your acne/acne scars worst, and of course we wouldn't want that D;. Also, these remedies aren't made for severe acne/acne scars, these treatments are made for people with minor blemishes.*

    •  Organic Olive oil is truly a miracle substance. It does not only make your food taste better, it also improves the condition of your skin and reduces your acne scars. Massage the oil on affected parts of your skin every day. It has moisturizing properties that soften the texture of your skin and reduce the prominence of your acne scars. CON: Be careful, olive oil is known to sometimes clog pores which can lead to more breakouts. So maybe use this on one area of your skin, and see how it reacts to it.

    • Lemon Juice. Apply the juice directly on your acne scars using a cotton ball. Let your skin soak up the lemon juice for 25-30 minutes before washing it off with water. Lemon juice improves the appearance of dark acne scars and blemishes by lightening them. Your skin will be more prone to sunburn after using lemon juice on your skin, so therefore wear sunscreen if you plan on going out in the sun after.

    • Aloe Vera is a commonly used natural remedy to cure acne scars. (I'm currently using this on my acne scars, I'll be writing a review in a month to tell you about my results.^^) The Aloe Vera plants are famous for their magically ability to help heal scars and wounds. The juice of the Aloe Vera is very useful for helping to heal acne scars as well as to fight breakouts when they do occur. By applying the juice on a regular basis, you can erase the signs of bad acne over time. In my experience, I have used this on sunburns, and it works wonders! It toke away the peeling, and itchy burning feeling so fast! Best plant ever (;

    • Egg Whites. Once you have made sure you are not allergic to eggs, apply 1-2 white of egg to your face as a Facial Mask and leave over night if comfortable, if not wash off before going to bed.
      This is helpful in reducing acne inflammation and heals acne scars. You can add a few drops of lemon if you can tolerate it.
    • Tomato And Cucumbers. Slice up a tomato and place it over your face or form a paste and apply on the face. Tomatoes are rich in vitamin A that hinders overproduction of sebum that causes acne. Vitamin A also has antioxidant qualities that refreshes and renews scarred and damaged skin. Cucumbers smooth out the skin and tighten the pores.
    • Honey is a natural moisturizer that can help in treating acne scars and can be applied as a facial mask. It contains enzymes also which help to heal acne scars. You can also add a few drops of fresh lemon juice. Some people sleep overnight with the honey mask, but that might be a little messy!
      Place an old towel over your pillow.
    • And of course, Water. Water is one of the most commonly used homemade remedies for acne scars. Water is the essence of our skins health and it becomes even more important when you are trying to reduce acne scars. It helps the skin to clean the toxins, create new skin cells and preserve elasticity. For adult person it is recommended to drink at least 80 ounces of filtered water every day in order to preserve healthy and fresh skin. :D

      Don't forget to always eat a healthy balanced diet. I'm sure we have all heard this before, eat your fruits and veggies but eating healthy can really go a long way for not only on our skin but inside our bodies as well! ^0^

      **Let me know if any of these work (give it atleast a month or when you start seeing results).
      Or if they didn't help at all :/ I'm really interested in hearing your experiences or if you tried other methods of fixing your acne scars! :3

      Sincerely,~beautyjunkie~ <3